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Palladium plating solution


Content: 0.02 Liter (€595.00* / 1 Liter)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 Days

Product number: 01-09-00020
Product information "Palladium plating solution"
Description of the article:

Tifoo Palladium plating solution – the product features at a glance:

  • 1 g of palladium / litre
  • Ideal for tank or pen plating
  • Serves as a barrier layer before gilding to avoid alloyings
  • Easy in use and free from cyanide

Tifoo Palladium electrolyte - the non-allergenic alternative to nickel electrolyte. Until today, palladium-plating is a quite rarely used electroplating method. In its function as substitution for galvanic nickel-plating, it can offer some advantages (despite the higher price). So, what are its advantages? Normally, a nickel electrolyte is used to create a barrier layer made of nickel between copper and gold to prevent the two metals from mixing together. The advantages are the following:

Palladium is more noble than nickel, that means that there is no corrosion on the surface and the palladium doesn't need to be gilded nor activated like nickel.

The deposition speed and the effectiveness are excellent, i.e. there is no unwanted gas formation.

This electrolyte deposits silver white, very bright palladium and can be used as a bright "finish". When gilding on it with Tifoo Gold electrolyte and pen plating, you will achieve a perfect result.

Unlike the nickel electrolyte, palladium isn't cancerogenic and because of that authorised for private costumers! A very good combination for gilding almost any metal is: copper (acidic), palladium and finally gold.

Shipping notes:

As this item is classified as "hazardous" by REACH / GHS, international shipment is subject to special regulations of the carrier. You can find more information in our shipping fee table.

Application information:
Manual Palladium plating solution

Safety information:

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