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Surface treatment DIY: Electroplating, Anodising, Bluing and more!

Our mission is to provide surface coating and metal finishing products in the Do-It-Yourself process for anyone who wants to refine surfaces. These special surface treatment processes are usually only made possible by industrial manufacturing - a circumstance we wanted to change!

That is why our wide range of products offers our customers the possibility to easily gold-plate, cold blue steel and iron or anodise aluminium themselves at home. For this purpose, we provide a wide range of products from the subject areas of electroplating, bluing, patinating and anodising for different levels of experience and process techniques. For easy, quick and decorative results, our ‘currentless plating’ category provides. For all our processes, you can find the right products for perfect pre- and post-treatment in our shop. Commercial customers are in just as good hands with us as private end users.

Dive into the exciting world of surface coating now!