History of the MARAWE Group

The MARAWE Group was formerly constituted of two separate companies, namely GoldAnalytix and Tifoo. Tifoo and GoldAnalytix fused in January 2015 and formed  from then on the MARAWE Group. Tifoo and GoldAnalytix were established in 2011 and 2012 in Regensburg, Bavaria (Germany), by the company founders Dr. Jonas Mark, Dr. Peter Raster and Dr. Stefan Weiß. Today the MARAWE Group develops and distributes with its brands GoldAnalytix, Tifoo, Walhalla-Chemie and Tobolin products for precious metal testing, electroplating, surface refinement, specialty chemicals and building chemistry as a leading provider. We recreated our online shops in the past few years and re-launched our websites www.tifoo.de and www.gold-analytix.de in order to provide a better online shopping experience for our customers. Our website can be viewed in the languages German, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. We recently set up the website www.tifoo-plating.com as well as www.gold-analytix.com and the Italian website www.tifoo.it. At the end of the year 2016 we started our brands Walhalla-Chemie and Tobolin. These two brands represent MARAWE within the world of specialty chemicals and building chemistry with systems against rising moisture in walls, damp-proofing, cellar renovation and construction protection. On our MARAWE homepage www.marawe.de you can read on about the MARAWE Group and its brands. We are pleased to spark your interest in our company.  


What we do

With Tifoo and GoldAnalytix we specialize in the development, production and distribution of innovative products for surface treatment, refinement and surface cleaning, as well as precious metal testing devices and DIY electroplating equipment. We offer a vast product selection for proving the genuineness of metals like gold, silver or jewelries. With our latest brands Walhalla-Chemie and Tobolin we develop specialty chemicals to manufacture damp-proof courses (horizontal waterproofing), pavement fixing mortar or stone cleaner. With these products we wish to make do-it-yourselfer-hearts beat faster. 


We constantly endeavour to improve our brands and products and to strengthen our market position. We therefore highly appreciate every compliment and criticism and wish to realize new ideas with our customers. 

Made in Germany

gelaende-marawe-gmbhThe fabrication of our products happens under strict quality specifications in our research and production facilities in Regensburg. We offer you support and assistance with the usage of our products. Your satisfaction is our most important concern. Speak to a member of our customer service team by simply giving us a call on +49 941 290 20 439. Our plating experts are always happy to support you in proceeding with your respective plating project. Alternatively you can send us an email at info@marawe.eu. We are always happy to help and to advise.